Ann-Kathrin Wagner

Photographer and Superhero in Stuttgart, Deutschland

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Superaki is finally out on a new mission.

She left her super secret Headquarters in the middle of nowhere to face a new life in Stuttgart.

Rumors say that she is connected to Blue Ocean Entertainment. Searching for the cutest, fluffiest Kitten or the strongest, beautiful horse thats ever been kept on camera.

The last time superaki has been spotted at a beautiful beach on the Canary Islands. Rumors say, she is working as a Photographer at a Holiday Resort called Robinson Esquinzo. She is shooting extrordinary holidayesque pictures of tourists and their super sweet children. Around noon she can be found lying on the beach and enjoying her siesta.

You dont know about SUPER AKI ?!

She studied Culture and Religion in Marburg, meanwhile she was drawing, painting and printing for her classes in graphic and visual arts. Her entire studies can be combined under the topic of aesthetics and visual senses in cultural context.

One of her earlier missions has been a great success. She has been filming Les Orientales Festival in France. Her B.A. Thesis "Authentizität im Ethnografischen und Dokumentarfilm" is based on Banksys "Exit through the Giftshop"

Other thrilling missions:

SCHÖNER WOHNEN * Fuerteventura * Burda Creative Group

Her Superpowers:

Research, Excel-Sheets, Assistance and documentation in Photoproductions, Styling assistance, Packshots, Picture Research, Picture Editing, Image Copyrights, Picture Archives, Photography and beeing super

Her All-Time-Mission:

Seeing the world, getting to know the world with all the different cultures, creatures and inhabitants and personally evolve into something great.

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    • Superhero
  • Education
    • B.A. Vergleichende Kultur- und Religionswissenschaft