FreeZy Naufaldy


Superman by day, Gamer by night.

High, I'm FreeZy. I lean back in my chair to look cool, wear peacoats to look sophisticated and is happily taken- by my beautiful MacBook.

Nice to meet you too.

I'm infatuated with leather jackets and rock V-necks every day. Also a natural critic at heart that hates ignorant people and despise obnoxiousness.

Did I mention I'm a hypocrite?

For nearly 15 years on this world, I have discovered a few things; dreams fail, and love (never) triumphs. We grow up swearing we'll be someone, but no one ever makes it. Why? Because no one knows a thing of commitment. Even those who commit to everything still never make it anywhere.

And those that do? Has a great deal of luck.

  • Work
    • Competitive Gamer.
  • Education
    • High School