Hello. I do not exactly have a name, but I refer to myself as Aria-Scarlet Adelaide Elise.

I am 15, a demigirl, a lesbian, and asexual. I am okay with any pronouns except he/him. Please never call me a girl, but you can use feminine terms for me.

My only ID/kin/etc. whatever you want to refer to it as is Twilight/Towa/Cure Scarlet. She is 100% me, and I have identified with her for over 10 months (which is important to me as I have never had a solid identity for that long). I believe that I am actually her, and she is a very important part of my identity. Please DO NOT follow me if you will not see me as her, or something of the like. There are characters I relate to and syn with, but you can ask who they are (The main two are Himesato Maria and Saionji Tsubaki).

I have many interests, but my main interest is Precure! It is super special to me, especially Go! Princess. I also like Aikatsu!, The IDOLM@STER, Yokai Watch, Jewelpet, Gakkou Gurashi, and The Walking Dead.

Please do not unfollow me without telling me.

If you need something tagged, just ask me. I need tagged: rape, animal abuse, incest, fatal injuries, irl gore, irl NSFW, Hetalia (for personal reasons), ship hate (only for KiraTowa), and character hate (only for Towa).

I have been prof. diagnosed with PTSD and depression. I rarely talk about it publically though!

You do not need to DM to follow me, but please comment "KiraTowa is real" on any post of mine to know that you read this. I do not see follow RQs much, so if you really want me to accept your RQ you can message me or @ me on any of the social accounts listed below.

Twitter: akagitowa

Tumblr: kyuasukaretto

LINE: akagitowa

Skype: akagitowa

DeviantART: akagitowa

Pixiv ID: 15079784

Thanks for reading~