Robert Kimsey

As I ponder as to what great accolades I should post here I find it difficult to boast of my accomplishments. Rather I like to make my social profiles a little more personal and conversational. It's not so important as to what I have done in the past as what I am going to do in the future and how it will impact those around me. As Steve Jobs put it "putting a ding in the universe.”

I created my companies to make a difference. To change the lives of those that we serve. We are dedicated to helping communities and independent businesses to thrive. Homegrown Businesses, Not Global Chains, Build Community Prosperity.

We strive to support and sustain quality of life within local communities around North America. We do this by helping to prevent the displacement of locally owned, independent businesses, ensuring ongoing opportunities for entrepreneurs, and advancing citizen engagement in directing the development of their local community.

When local business thrives, communities thrive.

We believe that Social Networking is more than the quote of the day or some political rant. We strive to offer a platform for individuals and business owners that will benefit each user as well as to be able to give back to our communities in a positive way.