Akanksha Joshi

This is who I am am and who I am needs no explaination!!I am a wife,a mom,a daughter,a sister and a friend.I am an insanely optimistic person and believe in living life to the fullest.I love to party hard and work harder.Spending time in the yard is relaxing to me.Dropped my sketchbook and paintbrushes along the way in life but will someday get back to them.Amusing it is I am in most uncreative a workfield but I think I am making most of it.I am an animal lover.I have and have pets ranging from turtles,lizards,guineapigs,birds,chicken,rabbits,rooosters and hen,snakes and presently happy and content with a dog.Not much a interested in tv but do like stay aware with whats happening around the world.Light reader for sure!