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Akansha Shrivastava

Student in Vellore, India

With a skill to take interest in anything given to me by looking out for the purpose of it is what makes me love what I do rather than choosing only to do what I love. Searching for things that interest you is a good thing but making the best of what is given to you is the real art. I pursue all my interest and start taking interest in everything that I do. Moreover, put my 100% effort to do it. Be it cooking or learning a new language. I don't fear challenges; an example is to learn the most difficult language of all the languages-Mandarin(Chinese) and living in mainland China for 5 months. I am an extrovert with leadership qualities and yet very polite. My strengths are- Analysis and English (by this I mean not committing any grammatical mistakes and do not mean that I can use flamboyant vocabulary.) My inspiration is my dad and one of my dreams is to travel the world. Lastly, I believe that the only competition I have is me myself!