Akari Piotrowski (Matsuda)

Teacher and Artist in Stockholm

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Hi, I’m Akari. I’m a Japanese language teacher&coach (owner of Mochifika) and web designer living in Germany.
I am a fan of language, music, and travel. I’m also interested in design and film.

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◆ Experience as a teacher
I started to help with the Japanese language as a volunteer for tourists and language exchanges.
I've been coaching this language for more than 90 students, from level 0 to advanced level.
I create lesson plans tailored to each student's goals, turning my thoughts to them, and standing with their issues.
My class is very interactive, I give students confidence in their talking skills and complement their work.

◆ Certificates
- 120-hour TESOL Certification
- Certification of Teaching Japanese as a foreign language
- Teacher Training (QLS Level 3)
- Japanese tea Specialist (JAFA)
- Barista Skills Foundation (SCA)
- Speech & Language Specialist
- HTML5 Professional Certification Level.1
- Certified General Travel Services Manager

✅ Mochifika (for Japanese Learners)

★ 5-star Japanese language teacher!
My detailed profile as a teacher

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Japanese with Akari | Mochifika Language

  • Education
    • Sapporo City University (Bachelor of Design)
    • Seisa University (Japanese language education)
    • Seisa University (Intercultural communication)