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nicole ❀

Hello! I'm Nicole, but you can honestly call me anything as long as it isn't offensive.I'm a female, so I use she/her pronouns. I'm 16 and I'm entering my junior year of high school! My mbti personality type is ISFP and I'm a pisces! If you decide to follow me, I hope we can be friends :')

Anyway, on to more important stuff.

I'll have to respectfully ask you not to follow if:

• You're against any kind of LGBT. I understand if you have different beliefs than I do, but I'd rather not have it around me. • You're a spy. If you're a spy, you'll probably follow me anyway, but this is just me asking you not to, politely. I really don't get into drama so this probably won't happen, but just in case.• If you hate one or more of my friends and are extremely open about it. What I mean by this is, if you hate one of my friends and talk about them a lot, then please don't follow. Especially if you post about them on your account, because I'll probably follow you back.

Now, on to the stuff that I post