Akash Kalyani

Born in Kolkata, India and brought up in New Delhi, Akash was exposed to a diverse society early on in life. He was schooled at a bevy of private schools in New Delhi including the Apeejay Saket, and St. Marks, Meera Bagh. However, most of his school life was spent at the esteemed Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia chapter. Akash gained interest in computer programming while in secondary school, and continues to pursue his love of programming to this day. He is competent in BASIC and C/C++, and currently gaining in on HTML/CSS/JavaScript. Apart from programming, Akash enjoys Badminton, Swimming, Cycling and a few other interests, mostly adventure sports. He also likes gardening, and is actively involved in improving the Green Cover in his locality.