Akash Tyagi

CEO, Founder, and Software Engineer in New Delhi, India

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Well Thank you for taking time to read about me. Here are some hashtag brownies for you.

Fresh outta Computer Engineer, I am 25 years old looking to change my career path. Why did I study Computer Engineering if I didn’t wanna continue it? If I had a dollar every time someone asked me this I would have my own Swiss Bank Account. Trying to uphold my family’s pride, I jumped into this dark well only to realize there are integration sharks and Thevenin whales swimming down there ready to tear me from limb to limb- and not in a fun way.

What do I want to do now? Explore the world. Meet new people, eat new food and find out new customs and traditions and totally enjoy them.

But what actually can I? I can bring out , I actually like to think new concepts . Short tool, sarcastic tool, solutions what people should have what I think they do not possess. Started with a junior startup , now here I am, an experienced Entrepreneur.

Designing is not my thing but I have my way with preciseness , I think I know what to be viewed to the people out there on Social Media Marketing Pages hence i can assist anybody who been sincere to the work and some startup experiences , that can be shared with anybody who in need to get helped . My TWITTER profile that you can have in my bio is not my alter ego, it’s me in my virtual flesh and same as my INSTA , my username is quiet sarcastic but thats just an pronunciation of being a delhite in my mother tongue .

I have also attended many sports competitions. I participated in state level HANDBALL competitions in collaboration with CBSE. Recently, I am working on my new startup i.e. "AURA"

I like gadgets. Books. Movies. Smoothies. Colorful things. F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Harry Potter (because my gal loves it ). Music been a new life and ELLIE GOULDING , SHE IS LOVE. I love superheroes! Team Marvel though. Love all kind of sports really. But sure am not impressed with the glamour these players have. Travelling is on my cards since last year and way to go more in this year. What i believe is that the gladdiest moment in my life is when i depart into unknown lands .That charismatic beauty of unknown lands is just astonishing .

2 slices of life has been rotten for me , love and the girl herself . While nobody is to blame rather than me but 16th Nov. day will last long .

Lastly , If you have any awesome idea striking to your mind or suggestions to give away, please feel obliged to contact me. Bless.

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