Akasha Project

New York

Founded in 2010 by Elaine Musselman, Akasha Project collaborates with service providers and not-for-profit
organizations throughout New York City to promote yoga and meditation among underserved communities.
The project aims to improve the daily lives of its participants, as well as their mental and physical well-being.
The agencies that have partnered with the project provide a wide range of services to a number of
communities. For example, Greenhope Services for Women in East Harlem offers substance abuse treatment
to formerly incarcerated women, and Validus Preparatory Academy in the Bronx prepares students for success
after high school. A yoga and meditation instructor is placed at each partner organization to educate the
members on the benefits of incorporating these practices into their daily life. The instructors have diverse
backgrounds and extensive experience working with the populations that they serve. In addition to these group
offerings, Akasha Project provides private sessions to individuals with debilitating condition that prevent them
from attending community classes.
The project’s primary goal is to promote the practice of yoga and meditation among a population that might
not otherwise have the opportunity to experience the advantages of either. As such, Akasha Project advocates
the mental and physical benefits of yoga. Yoga can reduce stress levels by teaching proper breathing
techniques. This can help with anxiety and hostility and can even enhance memory and concentration. The
physical benefits are abundant. Yoga can improve flexibility and muscle tone; it can also strengthen
gastrointestinal and cardiovascular functions. To learn more about Akasha Project or to make a contribution,
please visit www.akashaproject.org.