Akash Ali

Akash Ali

In person, model & actor Akash Ali is full of surprises. Firstly, he’s leaner than he appears on screen; he’s fast to speak and even faster to pose for the camera; he’s more intelligent, articulate and charming than come across in his shows or on television. He’s just as attractive as the character he plays, with dark eyes and hair just long enough curl at the ends. But most intriguing is the contrast between Akash’s on-screen alter egos and his real-life personality: in his last short film he plays most aggressive youth character. The real-life Akash, meanwhile, is charismatically soft-spoken, a reader, a thinker and a romantic.


“You can never really learn to act-it’s the unlearning you need to strive for” No matter what kind of act you’re doing, the approach is the same: You’re trying to be real. You’re attempting to fit into your environment and ambiance and make it work. An actor’s job is to be honest, which sounds simple, but damn, it’s not! You have to find your stimulus and make it work for you, take after take. You can draw on anything for inspiration –you could think of being as solid and still as a stone on the ground, or as happy as the child you played with in morning I usually draw on y pas experiences.


“i want to control the world. I wanted god to empower me with all the answers. Then it figured if i can’t do that, I’ll become a hero” My dream is to live a complete life, and hope that it becomes the access point for me to answer the big question which has troubled mankind since consciousness took birth: who are we, what are we doing here, what is going on? We are so preoccupied with our lives, we forget about the magic and mystery that surrounds us-the sun, moon, stars, the universe. I was 12 when I started thinking about this. I wanted to grow up and become pilot and to serve my nation. I wanted it so badly, I prayed for it every night. I’d pray for God to choose me, to empower me, to give me all the answers. Eventually, I guess I gave up. So I figured, if I can’t be that, I may as well become a hero! I guess it’s every boy’s dream to b like his dad. But I try not to have any such conditioned thoughts when it comes to my son: Maybe he won’t succumb to the magic and fantasy of the media. Who knows?”