Mohammad Safayet Khan Akash

Web Developer, Designer, and Illustrator in Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

Mohammad Safayet Khan Akash

Web Developer, Designer, and Illustrator in Dhaka Division, Bangladesh

¡Hola Amigos! Oopss, Sorry! :D Hi everyone, This is M S K Akash :)

I'm a creative Developer & Designer who's interested in Graphic Design, Web Development, Web Design, Illustration, Painting, Traditional and Digital Art and Photography. I’m also a big fan of Programming and Astronomy. Well I do code, in fact I've to, cause I'm a student of CSE Department, and I code in C++, but I'm not a pro coder. I'm a book-freak, love to read books, specially books based on psycho thriller, horror thriller and mystery thriller. I used to travel a lot. I love to sing, and play guitar, though I'm not a great singer or guitarist to remember xD Sometimes I do write short stories, even lyrics and diary though I'm not a writer, but you can call me an emotion sucker psycho. I do inhale negative emotion & exhale words.

I've always been fascinated by three major creative fields: Graphic Design, Illustration, and Photography. Though I'm neither a professional Photographer nor an expert Graphic Designer, but yeah I have started to learn Graphic Designing & Illustration & currently can create, design & manipulate almost anything, except human figures. I'm also a hobbyist artist who loves to draw, sketch & paint.

But designing a website and then developing it attracts me more than anything. I specialize in Web Design & Development. I started taking Web Development more seriously after completing my 4th Semester Mid-term when I discovered my love for design and coding. Self taught and constantly experimenting with new ideas and techniques, I like to challenge myself with different aspects of web designing. I’m a passionate designer with a belief that design is about creating things that matter, seeing over the horizon and creating what’s next.

I'm eagerly waiting for my own DSLR. Wanna become a hobbyist photographer, just for fun and my own entertainment, but don't wanna be a professional one.

Wanna check my portfolio of design, development and illustration? Visit my Bēhance Profile. Click on the'Bē' icon below. Also you can check my DeviantArt Profile.

Enough chit-chat, time to go.

This is M S K Akash, signing off.........

Adiós :)

  • Education
    • American International University-Bangladesh