Hey, I'm Kash, I'm originally from England and I moved to Canada when I was 14, I am currently 15 (turning 16 soon) and I have been in Canada for almost 2 years now. I run a website called "Officially The Hottest" and I have been running the website for almost a year now. My goal in life is to help other musicians, actors, comedians and producers reach their goal and get the exposure they need, that is why I opened "Officially The Hottest". On my website I also blog about music, movies, celebrities and I also do interviews with other people. I consider myself very lucky reaching my goal and for a guy my age I have come so far. I love to design, make remixes, socialize with friends and I am a huge music & movie addict. I live and breathe entertainment and it is something I love doing, in fact I wouldn't mind it as my career.