Amos Elikem Katsekpor

Volunteer in Accra, Ghana

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Amos Katsekpor is a social entrepreneur who has a background in Environment and Development Studies. He believes people can also through their initiatives dictate the pace of their development as well.

He is the lead focal person of the Social Entrepreneurs Network Africa. He has also over the years played various leadership roles diligently as they have been bestowed upon him. He does not only come out as a leader but also plays well as a team player at all times and whenever he isn’t leading. For him, leadership is to be of services. In his roles as a leader, he is creative, innovative and is able to identify and think to through problems. His strengths are always displayed both on and off duties; this is displayed through his ability to bring his team mates together to ensure results. Amos's weakness is best displayed by his need for perfection. That is a flaw he is working towards.

He believes people can take their own destiny into their hands and inspire change wherever they find themselves.

His interests range from entrepreneurship to volunteering. He is also interested in education and innovation.

  • Work
    • Social Entrepreneurs Network A
  • Education
    • Central University College