Atma Hari Kaur

Montreal, Quebec

I wish people remembered my kind heart and not the boring facts about me. Perception is reality and "non-conventional" is the label I hear the most. People ask me why do I meditate regularly. It is a long story. When I was 9, Sri Chimnoy visited Budapest and that was my very first darshan (ie. seeing a fully enlightened master). It felt that the whole arena swam in love and fear was forever gone from the heart of those who were there at the event. I started reading books on masters and tried to meditate on my own. Once our team was selected to compete at the International Chemistry Olympiade in Burgas, Bulgaria. My self-esteem was so low that I faked sickness. My teacher and team mates wrote me a letter saying that I betrayed them and my country. I did not. I was afraid. I then decided to look for a meditation group to help me overcome my fear and my ego. I had many masters and I learnt many techniques. I like the Divine Sound and Light path and kundalini yoga the most. These paths changed me for good and for the better.

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