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Anita Casano Kanellis

Birmingham Alabama - Los Angeles California

Anita Casano Kanellis is considered top in her field with over 14 years of wedding planning, choreography and executing experience. Creating both large and small productions and events in the Southeast and Los Angeles, Malibu, Las Vegas and San Francisco, Anita is one of the most liked and most experienced in the Southeast where brides are drawn to her California Casual style, nurturing personality and ability to surpass her client's expectations. Anita is most known for her heartfelt wish and determination to understand each and every brides' vision and dreams and maximizing the talents of all vendors she works with to make those dreams a reality.

Anita is winner of the 2011 Epic Award and member of the professional organizations Alabama Wedding and Events professionals and the Association of Bridal Consultants. Anita was the talent behind Birmingham's biggest Celebrity wedding, heading up teams of security, vendors and entourages from the East and West Coast compiling an extravagant affair for some of the top names in Hollywood.

Anita has been written up and interviewed for many publications and also writes a column for a local business/lifestyle magazine in Birmingham Alabama. Featured weddings and photo shoots styled by Anita have all been featured in several publications including Alabama Weddings Magazine, Southern Bride Magazine, Elegant Bride Magazine, Perfect Wedding Guide and Shelbyco Magazine.