Akemi Usuda

Yokohama Japan

Akemi Usuda

Yokohama Japan

Business career

HR: recruiting, interviewer, advertising


Trainer: English conversation, cross culture, communicaion, management, business skills


Writing essay, articles of news paper

Publishing book "presentaion skill"

Talk show on TV

Gained TESL

Speech in Macedonia for 20th anniversaries relationship between Japan and Macedonia

I have established Out-ya "Tiger" promotion with professional boxer, Mr. Yamada since 2006.

We provide the following speciality to the athlete and sports team mainly:

Communication skill seminer & consultant

Cross culture

Sports management

Sports and Communication on demand

The resent activities oversea:

Constructing strengthen the relations between Macedonia and Japan of sports and economic

Supporting interaction with football player and coach

  • Work
    • Communication
  • Education
    • Ferris women's college
    • Notre dame college