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demi | 19 | he/him (boyish) | chaos alignment

- current un is kamille bidan from gundam zeta

- attending college at the university of colorado in colorado springs (uccs) and i ain't always got time to come online during class

- i'm one of those violent mentally ill guys yr parents warned u about ;) also got the autism nd anxiety nd delusions up the ass

- so ppl don't bug me abt this, i self-dx with schizophrenia i'm like 90% sure i have it nd a lot of the symptoms blend with my psychosis

- the irl demifiend nd cutest demon ya ever met

- special interests r shin megami tensei nd video games in general i guess

- honestly i don't talk abt much other than smt don't follow me

- soma is my smt imagine oc, he's gay he's rly gay fr akane (shut me up abt him god)

- blacklist [gore] unless u wanna see me talkin abt how much i wanna touch guts

- also like knives nd gemstones nd candy

- datin alannah (she changes her un too much lmao) nd sevi @aleph