Rena Akhmadova

I am Rena Akhmadova. I live in Baku, Azerbaijan and work at Modern Educational Complex named after Heydar Aliyev.

In my classes I try not only to pass knowledge to my students, but also to create a space for them. A space where they

-Will be interested in learning and getting new knowledge
-Will find answers to their questions by themselves or in a group experiments and studies.
-Will get and share knowledge and skills with other students.
-Will be able to express themselves as personalities.

Using 2D graphics as multimedia in my practice helps to make the learning material more clearer and easier to understand for my students.

I give an opportunity to my students to express their creativity, make for them a field for exploration and self learning through creating a visual interpretation of the learned material. Therefore I achieve better understanding of the information by my students.

Also I am an initiator and organizer of an integration of multimedia products in creating of e - materials for classes at my school. For me it is very important to share my knowledge with other teachers who can show their creativity and knowledge. That is why I conduct open lessons for teachers, for teachers not only from my school, but also from other schools. Also I work with other teachers on educational projects to make our learning much clearer, bright and interesting for our students. For example I and teacher of geometry
have created an interactive e-book with games and exercises and this multimedia product became a winner of the national competition “E-Education”.