Akhila Eechampati

Music is something that I can’t live without. It has taught me a lot about friendships, love, and life in general. I have been trained in a form of Indian music, known as Carnatic music. I started learning Carnatic music when I was 4 and I am still learning it to this day. I didn’t appreciate music as much until I learned about a little family secret. My grandmother, whom I have never met, was known to be a very talented singer. She had a vocal gift that was apparently passed down to me. It means a lot to me because it makes me feel closer to her and my family as a whole. After finding out about that secret, I started to practice more and compete in singing competitions. By practicing more, I was able to build my confidence as a person. When I went to competitions, it was nice to meet people who had the same passion as me and I was able to make important and meaningful friendships. It is amazing to see what one small hobby can teach you and where it can take you in life. It is important to hold on something that we are good at and try to excel in it.