Akhilesh Dubey

People would describe me as someone who loves life and works his butt off to get what he wants. From a very small age I was very clear about that I have to do buisness. I was engaged in family business (At a very small level). When I was 20, I founded my first start-up and have been working for myself for printing

I consider myself to be a hardworking and accomplished leader with a diverse background in management, Information Technology, marketing and project management. But the most important traits that I would say I possess are my passion and integrity. When I'm out of energy or simply feeling unmotivated, it is these that carry me through the finish line.

I am a struggling Entrepreneur and currently engaged into businesses like HR consulting and others. I am is handling THE AVENUE-INDORE as Location Head, were THE AVENUE is an organisation dealing into Human Capital Services serving major corporate clients.

I am also a SAP-HR consultant and worked with various companies to implement ERP/SAP. I am MBA in HR having my degree in Information technology,which leads me to be a techno-functional professional.