Akhil MK


Ran my own personal job hunt campaign and received some job offers. Didn't do a great job in deciding what to do next.At the end decided to go independent with a few clients onboard.

Since then I have been working with startups(including ngo's) helping them to find customers. I do some independent copy-writing projects,heading blog strategy ,building relationships with bloggers,pitching online media with stories,assisting someone with campaigns and so on..It's not the easiest things to do,but am learning a great deal nowadays.

Currently located at Kerala and also teach at an ITI.

Have all the qualities you expect from a beginner,from naivety to confidence.Love to associate with great people and do great work...

But this is not just the extension of my Linkedin profile,isn't it?

Loves soccer.Not married.If you think I can help you in anyway please let me know.(not that cheesy "help yourself by hiring Akhil's paid services" kinda help )

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