Akhil Gupta

Operations, Advisor, and Strategy in San Francisco, California

Akhil Gupta

Operations, Advisor, and Strategy in San Francisco, California

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Who am I?

* Scrappy guy who likes to get shit done.

* Passionate about collaborating with entrepreneurial teams to create products that customers want and need.

* Startup founder, ex-IBM engineer and a recovering investment banker.

* Currently Head of Strategy and Planning at Xchange Leasing, an Uber subsidiary.

* Experience has provided me with a keen ability to evaluate the risks and opportunities of a business.

What have I done before?

* Head of Business Operations @ KangarooHealth and advisor to NextFan.

* Over my 10+ year career, I have built a wide-range of skills (product, finance, design, sales, biz dev, ops, coding) with deep expertise in business strategy, capital-raising, customer success.

* Substantial experience advising C-level executives and VC boards of leading enterprise software companies.

* Extensive capital-raising experience (over $10BN raised) with 20+ leading enterprise software companies, ranging from the small (Series B fundraising) to large scale corporations (multi-billion dollar IPOs).

* Clients included Salesforce, Workday, NetSuite, Five9, HP, Oracle.

* As an engineer, I worked at the Advanced Research Division of IBM / HGST on the first versions of the small form-factor hard-drives.

Fun facts about me, you ask?

* I’m amazing at drinking beer but prefer smoky Islay scotch varieties.

* Director on the board of Partnerships for Trauma Recovery, a 501(c)(3) non-profit.

* I have survived a war, lived in the desert and traveled to over 20 countries over Asia, Europe, North America and French Polynesia.

* Huge Manchester United, NY Giants, Stanford and Georgia Tech football fan.

* Star Trek > Star Wars. Talk to me about sci-fi anytime!

* Improv - ask me about why it would be awesome for any startup person to take Improv!

* Deeply interested in the intersection of consumer psychology and technology products!

I want to work with early-stage startups with a strong mission and team building consumer or enterprise software products in the SF / Bay Area.

  • Education
    • Stanford University
    • Georgia Institute of Technology