Artem Kholodenko

San Francisco

Personally, ever since I was a kid, I've enjoyed tinkering with software. From early days of static web pages, to later days of modern rich web applications, I enjoy learning about new innovations in web development. In addition to technology, traveling, camping, skiing, and other activities pique my interest.

Professionally, I'm a hands-on software engineering leader, with versatility in product, project, and resource management. My management specialties include small team leadership, agile/SCRUM project management, and data-driven development. My technology specialties include Javascript, PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, MySQL, Software & Database Architecture. Some specific technologies I have used in projects include CodeIgniter, jQuery, AngularJS, Backbone.js, Require.js, Twitter Bootstrap, HighCharts, DataTables, AWS.

  • Work
    • BuildZoom
  • Education
    • University of California Davis