Aki Balubar

Student and Photographer in Manila, Philippines

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I am a 3 year student at AMA COMPUTER COLLEGE taking BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY and and photographer currently living in Manila, Philippines. My interests range from photography to technology. I am also interested reading Harry Potter books, discussing politics, and playing video games.

The reason I chose IT is because I love technology especially when it comes to computer and gadgets. If I could turn back time, I would have chosne multimedia rather than IT.

I like photography because when I use the camera and capture something beautiful, it completes me.

Whenever I’m sad, I read Harry Potter books because it makes me feel better.

I play games like Pokemon, The sims, Final fantasy, Harvest moon. I like games that have missions. Because after completing the game, you would feel like you’re the best player in the world. It requires time and determination to finish all quests.

If politics was the topic of the conversation, I would always be up for a debate. We discussed about how the government should be improved.

This are all my hobbies and I’m very passionate about them.

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