Akiko (Hoyu) Sakuma

Artist, Teacher, and Mother in 小金井市, 日本

Akiko (Hoyu) Sakuma

Artist, Teacher, and Mother in 小金井市, 日本

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I’m Akiko (Hoyu) 佐久間 甫祐.

I’m an English and Japanese speaking calligrapher and teach English to Japanese students living in Koganeishi, Tokyo, Japan (小金井市, 東京、日本.).

I am a big fan of Japanese traditional and fine arts, both integral facets of Japanese culture. You can learn more about the art of Japanese calligraphy through taking my class (click on the button above for more information.)

I was interviewed by Indian philosopher and psychologist Mr, Akshay Srivastav. Check out my Facebook at the bottom to get a peek of what we talked about.

My expertise in calligraphy is writing poems with kana, which is one of the alphabets used in Japanese.

My works have been exhibited at the Mainichi Shodo-ten, the largest calligraphy exhibition in Japan, every year since 2012. My works were also exhibited at the Nisshoten, another reputable calligraphy exhibition, and at that exhibition I received the Honorable Mention Award in 2012, and a merit award in 2014.

I am qualified as rank one calligrapher "一科" for Nisshoten.

I also won a prize of excellence (秀逸) at the 2020 and 2022 Nisshoten calligraphy exhibition.

You can check out my work here.

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