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Akiko Lucas

If you want something, you GO get it! Period."

"Extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people, so make yourself one of it :)"

Hello. My name is Akiko. You can call me Akiie. Close family relatives and friends call me by my Nickname. I am an ordinary girl who personally believes that a president of the debate team and the chearleader can make a great love story and that fairytales can do come true. I know, I know. Fairytales are for children, babies and storybook royalty wanna-be's but life is indeed a fairytale. You're the book author and your storybook ending depends on you. And make the BEST out of it. I am someone who wants 3 THINGS HAPPINESS! MORE HAPPINESS and specially LOVE for evrybody ♥. Haha. Who doesn't anyway? When I think or plan, I go to relaxing and Comfortable places like no other than my OWN ROOM and swing my way to great ideas. I love how the skies inspire me to write or draw about happy things. It just feels so right to be outside and feel Inspired with everything you, see, hear and feel. I am a typical human being whose beginnings were big disasters. My dreams are scattered far and wide and for me, life is too short to allow sadness and anger nor bitterness occupy my heart, mind and time. I've been through victory and failure, through sadness and happiness. I have my own scars to take with me and bad memories I've had. But of everything I've been through, if it weren't for these experiences, I will not become the Akiie I am now that you used to know :))