*Bachelor degree in translation: (Arabic-French- English) Graduated in july,2009 from university of Ouargla-Algeria.
* student of political siences and international relations
*Certificate in Time Management from HR Development ELLAF Train UK. *Certificate of management the cycle of project from European Union-Algeria corroboration developed societies.
*Certificate in computing.
*Courses of speed reading, communication skills, negotiations, NLP, Human Resources, and all ways of creativity.
*Certificate in journalism (reporter) from Eco-press school Algeria.

* Member in administrative board of my university 2009 .
*General Coordinator of the Human Resources Committee & leader making in the international united of life makers UK.
*Identification agent in Orascom Telecom Algeria.( Customer Operations Department) Translation of OPEC website as an example of translation strategies in World Wide Web.
*A professor of foreign languages (French +English ),and ESP . translated this website