Akila Darshana Panditha

Sri Lanka

I currently work as a Software Engineer for Research and Development unit of CodeGen International Private Limited. I always like to explore new technologies and take up challenges in solving real life problems.My main interests in computer science include Human Computer Interaction , Computer Vision , Data mining and Information Retrial and Software architecture.

I also founded a small scale software engineering company CST Labs while I was a Computer Science and Engineering undergraduate at University of Moratuwa,Sri Lanka. I was able to involve in client acquisition, Software design and development , Implementation and maintenance activities with various projects at CST Labs during my undergraduate life which helped me to get hands on experience in software engineering and management aspects before getting into the industry as a software engineer.

I always believe in importance of extracurricular activities and I was heavily involved in various extracurricular activities during both my school life and undergraduate life.Experience gained from those activities helped me to develop my soft skills and build my network.

Photography is my main hobby. I was actively involved in various photography related activities since 2004. Apart from my main occupation , I work as a part time sports photographer for ThePapare.com and I volunteer as a photography instructor for Ananda College photographic Art Society.

  • Work
    • CodeGen International
  • Education
    • University of Moratuwa
    • Ananda College