Alice Kinerk

Key Peninsula, Washington

Hi, I'm Alice.

I grew up on the east coast and spent most of my twenties in Olympia. I loved the east coast and I loved Olympia, but I knew the first time I visited the KP in June '06 that I never wanted to live anywhere else!

Longbranch is pretty much far away from everything, and therefore, I have hobbies. In August I pick blackberries and brew wine. All year long I bake bread. I can turn out a reliably decent whole wheat and have recently been experimenting with sourdough. I love to upcycle stuff I would otherwise toss. I make it a priority to have regular craft time with my little ones. I sew. A little bit. Poorly.

One day in 2014, when my homemade bread and wine and other hobbies started to crowd our small home, I rounded up a few like-minded friends and started KP Barter.

And that's where my story ends and our story begins.

Contact me! I am always happy to answer questions about KP Barter or questions about bartering in general. I am also seeking to connect with local folks willing to trade for bread or wine on a regular basis.

Writing is fun for me and I would love to guest post on your blog!

  • Work
    • Elementary School Teacher