Courtland Akinloye

Contractor and Project Manager in Texas

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I am a Contractor and project manager currently living in Texas. My interests range from entrepreneurship to sports. I am also interested in family.

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I recently married my very best friend, Mary and I together have 3 young ones that I love dearly. In 2018 I became co-owner of a business venture, with my lovely wife. My wife had a dream of hoping to help people in the world. Due to her ambitious and inspiration of desiring to help we formed Home For You LLC. We help provide low-cost living to those who require housing assistance.

I am a big believer that I would definitely not be where I am, if it wasn't for God. I am eternally grateful he elevated me spiritually, physically, and mentally. I’m still working to figure out what existence is about but, I will say I've been recently pretty fortunate.