I'm Rotimi Akinola

Lagos, Nigeria.

I didn't start out in life with a view to becoming a multimedia journalist.

In my secondary school years (that's what we call "pre-university" in Nigeria), I was a studying Science with the hope of saving lives. Yeah, I wanted to become a medical doctor. But I had a terrible problem. I could understand Math, but I hated it. I couldn't, and still can't, imagine wasting precious time joggling numbers while there were more important issues of life like playing PES or just chilling on my bed.

I was comfortable with the Physics kind of Math because it gave me the opportunity to write, and draw. Yes, I can draw...a little, tho.

Aside my Math problem, I was terrible at Chemistry. It was my "knowledge" of Biology that fooled me on into thinking I could turn up a doc. Men and brethren, I was deceived!

I'm thankful lies will not last forever. Series of failures at passing my Science courses dragged me into a self scrutiny that resulted in my adventure into teaching. A lot of us Nigerians who come from poor families turn to low-pay (horrible-pay actually!) teaching to keep our brains "fresh" while we struggle for university admission.

While I was at that, a friend looked at me one day and said: "You've got a good handwriting and you don't shy away from controversy. Whatever you'll do in life, it should involve writing and public speaking."

Those words, from Ezekiel Akande, who graduated tops of UNILAG's Adult Education Class of 2007, opened my eyes to the path I now earnestly throng. I'm sad Ezekiel passed on shortly after graduating. But he did pass on to me a blazing torch I'll never let anyone snuff out.

Three years after Ezekiel's demise, I got into UNILAG to study Mass Communication. I now blog occasionally, with a capital O; and create as well as manage online content for a fast growing news firm.

I've also caused the world some trouble as I, despite a looming global water crisis, drink three litres of the liquid on a daily basis thereby shortening the ration of the rest of humanity.

Okay...rants paused!

You're welcome!

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