Geek Queen, Alpha Nerd, and Polymath in Mandaluyong, Philippines

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DOB: August 12

ZODIAC: Leo (Western), Yellow Earth Dragon (Eastern)


PERSONALITY: Contributor INTJ-A / LIE-2TE / 6w5 / Choleric-Mel, REOGD

OCCUPATION: User Experience Designer / Marketing Strategist (ClinkIT Solutions) + Instructor (LogInstitute + InventiveMedia)

COUNTRY: Philippines

HEIGHT: 153cm

HAIR: Black

EYES: Dk. Brown

SKIN: Olive

SEASON: Deep Autumn

CLOTHING: Grunge / Classic / Romantic

SCENT: Givenchy Bloom (romantic), Chanel Mademoiselle (classic), Moschino Cheap & Chic

Considers herself a student of life. Loves to accumulate knowledge & come up with unconventional ways to apply or use them / gain advantage. Has conflicting interests from military science, history, com sci, renewable energy engineering, analytical psychology & quantum theory to art, stargazing & pretty clothes. Has a thing for cats & Van Gogh's starry night. Weak against chocolates & milk tea.

  • Education
    • De La Salle University