Akintayo Adewole

Akintayo Adewole

I love music, technology and family. Everyday, I try to find ways to more tightly integrate the three. It's not always a good mix, though... like when I petitioned to build a home theater in my house as a way for us to spend more time as a family. OK... bad idea, but wifey loves me anyway, 13 years, 3 kids, a house and a home theater later.

In 1996, after spending 4 years ordering late night deep dish pizza in Chicago, Northwestern released me into the real world with a BA in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Music Technology.

Shortly after in 1997, I came to New Jersey and launched my music production company, part-time. Full time, I worked as an engineer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and earned a Masters in Information Systems with a focus on Multimedia and Networking. I took the best part of being a mechie (design) and applied it to something closer to my music passion: Audio/Visual design. At the same time, being so close to NYC, I was able to get my first real taste of the music industry and rubbed elbows with the biggest names at the time. I even had a song that I wrote and produced on the debut album for Bad Boy's boy band B5, in 2005. I learned a lot about the music industry... mostly how much I didn't like the "industry" part of it. So I ask, "Isn't there a better way?"

In 2007, I started my own music publishing company in efforts to expose an ever increasing amount of musical talent. With an invite to be the Music Director (6 years and running!) for the ADCOLOR® Awards, it all made sense: artists + ADCOLOR® = #Limitless. Hence, ADMUSIC™ : a program that helps create genuine and mutually beneficial alignments between artists and brands. It started in 2008 with the ADCOLOR® Awards Music Compilation, which has become a sought after platform for artists to present their talent to touchable ad industry influencers and executives.

Now, all the while and for the past 13 years, I have been a senior systems design engineer in the audio visual industry. From corporate, education, government to residential, I have designed an implemented high end, multi million dollar audio visual solutions. Life is good.