Akintayo Adewole

Akintayo Adewole

I love music, technology and family. Everyday, I try to find ways to more tightly integrate the three. It's not always a good mix, though... like when I petitioned to build a home theater in my house as a way for us to spend more time as a family. OK... bad idea, but wifey loves me anyway, 11 years, 3 kids, a house and a home theater later.

In 1996, after spending 4 years running up my credit card ordering late night deep dish pizza in Chicago, Northwestern released me into the real world with a BA in Mechanical Engineering and Minor in Music Technology.

Shortly after in 1997, I came to New Jersey and launched my music production company. In my "spare" time, I worked as an engineer at the New Jersey Institute of Technology and earned a Masters in Information Systems with a focus on Multimedia and Networking. Being so close to NYC, I was able to get my first real taste of the music industry and rubbed elbows with the biggest names at the time. I even had a song that I wrote and produced on the debut album for Bad Boy's boy band B5, in 2005. I learned a lot about the music industry... mostly how much I didn't like the "industry" part of it. So I ask, "Isn't there a better way?"

In 2007, I started Akande Music & Publishing, LLC in efforts to leverage an ever increasing amount of technology towards music creation and exploitation (in a good way). With an invite to be the Musical Director for the ADCOLOR® Awards it all made sense: music, technology & brands. Hence, ADMUSIC™ : a new biz model that helps create genuine and mutually beneficial alignments between artists and brands. It started in 2008 with the ADCOLOR® Awards Music Compilation, which has become a sought after platform for artists to present their talent to touchable ad industry influencers and executives.

Akande Music cross connects licensing, brands (ADCOLOR®), music (Enterprize Group) and digital & social media (SBS Studios & Dana's Eye).

So how does the story end? Me & wifey travel the world visiting our grands in various countries, guiding them in their own ventures. Until then, there's plenty of work to join me.