Akinyemi Ogunsanya

Akinyemi Ogunsanya

Born in Ibadan, Nigeria but lived most of my life in Lagos (I consider myself a Lagosian.) I am interested in people and love to interact with and be of help to people as I believe that in the act of giving, I can further gain more knowledge and add more value to my (and others) life (lives.)

I am a interested in finance especially the capital markets and look forward to a career as an investor. I believe that finace, unlike other industries, is the lifeblood of every society without which even the most educated and productive society would collapse.

I love writing and I am the incoming editor in the University of Liverpool's student newspaper. I also write about technology especially focusing on venture capital and revolutionary trends for Technesstivity. I am a natural contrarian and an independent thinker. I strive to learn everyday and expand my knowledge.

Finally, in my free time, I love reading and going for gigs around town. I am a social butterfly and love a good outing and social event. I also take pride in my appearance and I love fashion. I can be caught drinking tea anytime of the day, almost.

  • Education
    • University of Liverpool