akira kizaki

Student in Scranton, Pennsylvania

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hey I'm akira! that's not my real name but only close friends can use my real name ☆

I don't live in the dunder mifflin office, but I do go by est

I'm a 15 y/o south korean cis girl and idk my sexuality lol. my pronouns are she/her

I'm kin with sailor mars, nishikino maki, koizumi hanayo, and nico yazawa && I don't mind if we share kin (if u want to tag me as characters, please tag me as maki and sailor mars! I also don't mind double tags)

I edit/draw/sing sporadically, like it's not a daily thing I do but I love to do it

currently, I am maki nishikino in kuma muse and rin hoshizora in amusement/muse cruise. please check out my groups ♡

I'm the founder and only admin of @llsifgifts, feel free to check us out and donate if you can!

I literally don't care about anything so no byf here lol

I rlly like anime, particularly love live, sailor moon, kimi ni todoke, and others

I'm also a huge horror manga lover! my favorites are litchi hikari club and tomie. junji ito is my idol omf

some other websites I'm on include reddit and tumblr. my reddit is galami and my tumblr is nishikinovevo. if you'd like my skype, please ask (and note that I might not give it to everyone)

hmm, I guess that's it! message me anything u need tagged/a picture of an eli card u think is pretty and I'll accept ur follow request!