Oscar Yasser Noriega "Akira"

CEO and CEO & Cofounder in Tokyo, Japan

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Oscar Yasser Noriega is a serial tech entrepreneur from Mexico now based in Tokyo, Japan. At age 17, he started his first company called "Atomix" while majoring in Computer Science, then, he decided to dropout from university to focus on his company which later got acquired in 2008. Atomix became the largest video game media website in Latin America. His second company was a Digital Marketing agency that got acquired in 2013. Oscar's passions include new media, video technology, photography, mobile apps and video games.

As a web pioneer in Latin America, he then decided to explore new markets and new challenges and started Pocket Supernova, Inc -his current company- back in Silicon Valley in 2013 after being accepted at 500 Startups. In 2014 he then decided to finally relocate to Tokyo, Japan, to focus on the company that has launched 2 video products so far: VideoSelfie and WatchMe Messenger.

Active Companies / Investments:

CEO and Co-Founder at Pocket Supernova Inc, a mobile development company based in Tokyo, Japan. Unda is our first product, video messaging service for mobile devices. Part of 500 Startups in Silicon Valley, Batch 6.

Advisor, Investor, Board Member at String Publisher (Drag and Drop Digital Publishing Platform for mobile devices).

Founder, Board Member, Investor at Atomix.vg (Video Game News website).

Investor and Board Member, Anime.mx (Mexico's biggest Anime & Otaku news site)

Investor / Advisor:

Anipass.jp (Latin America's first Anime Streaming service)

Startupbuzz.la (Covering Latin American Startups)

Conecti.ca (Mexico's largest Consumer Tech News Website)

Contributor / Ocassional Writer or guest at: MVS Radio 102.5FM Segunda Emisión (Tech Section)

Mentor / Advisor: Wayra (Machina, Bandtastic)

Gamers.vg (Mexico's biggest video game retail chain)

Non active / previous projects / Previous companies

Cofounder and CEO at SCLBits (Digital Agency based in Mexico City). Sold in early 2014