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Student in Belgium

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hi! im socially awkward so i dont really get a long with people easily

i also have anime best girls and they're:

ayase eli from love live

hoshii miki from the idolm@ster

ohtsuki yui from im@s cinderella girls

kikuma kaya from wake up girls

miyazono kaori from your lie in april

hatsune miku

anon and kanon (if you're wondering who they are, they're vocaloids)

sendoin kaede from battle girl highschool


things i like (and probably oftenly post about it):

love live

shigatsu wa kimi no uso/your lie in april

tokyo 7th sisters

the idolm@ster(cinderella girls)


wake up girls


bghs/battle girl highschool

or anything anime related


dont follow me if you're a giant weeaboo or dislike idols/jpop please!