akisha brenda

I have a good sense of humor,

so you can feel free to joke.

I am a kind of lady,

which loves communicating

with interesting people,

especially with men.

I am fond of dancing with other girls in my group.

I like reading very much and I read a lot.

I enjoy walking when there is romantic and you, my future man.

I like to live!

I am a very vulnerable and romantic person,

very open and honest lady.

I am smart girl and people like to communicate with me.

I love to stay positive and

do not like when people cheat me and lie me.

My life is active and interesting.

In winter I like to skate-skiing and skating.

In summer i like to swimming in the sea.

I like fitness.

I like to read interesting books and some magazines.

I always believe in the best and

I have a feeling that I will find here my second half!.....♥♥

i'm very straight forward and blunt

if i don't like something or someone,

i don't have a problem speaking up

and letting you know i don't see any

point in beating around the fucking

bush when a straight path is quicker and more to the point

yeah yeah i know,

some of you say that isn't very submissive like,

but then those of you who tell me

that just want a fucking doormat to use

and abuse anyway so why the hell am i gonna

listen to anything you have to say???????

i'm me and it's gonna take one hell of a man

to make me see it any other way

If you have a problem with my attitude,

take it elsewhere cuz,