Akita Echi

Medan,Sumatra Utara

Hey all, I’m Echi, and I am Asian of Chinese-Korean parentage. Lived most of my life in Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. I have been doing some modelling since I was 16, and I truly love my job. I enjoy being in front of the camera, working magic with the lens, and tIhe photographer. I love working with a variety of photographers, those who will challenge me to try new things, and I like learning more concepts and to be flexible.

I have good attitude, an open mind eager to try new things, and will bring energy to the shoot! I take directions well, and my jovial character always perks up the atmosphere. I am pretty much open to different styles and genre of photography, including implied/ partial/ full nudity or erotic themes, as long as it’s artistic (and strictly No Sex please). I will be really thrilled to work with photographers that are professionals, and are as equally passionate about their work as I am.

Anything that involves me taking off my clothes is at a much higher but negotiable rate. Contact me and we can negotiate, but keep the job fully professional, please. * I will do my best to push the limits, leave inhibitions behind and give every shoot the best effort to produce beautiful results.

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