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Foodographer in Sydney, Australia

Hello and Bon appétit from Awia's Kitchen!

I am inspired by new flavours, travel, and my personal connections, and I hope I can inspire you to taste new flavours and ingredients, and create delicious food in your own kitchen, through my blog, food writing, and photography.

Food is a passport to other cultures, and connects us with Nature, and with each other.

I'm the author of SOULiCiOUS, an ecookbook that offers an insight into America’s oldest and most influential cuisine - African American Soul Food. It includes recipes, history, and interviews with African American chefs and homecooks.

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SOULiCiOUS – Recipes and interviews from a Soul Food journey to the USA. ISBN 978-0-9873383-0-3

My next cookbook will be released in 2017

Have a delicious day, Awia