Prem Akkattu

Kochi, India

In the exquisite state of Kerala, India I was born. I found no meaning in words and got closer to colors.
I embraced colors and fought against text books and the subjects they held. I couldn't even sit straight and study in the arts class. But I drew what I saw around.

Later I joined in an animation course, which only taught me to make money. So taking a pen and few papers, I started to wander. Different places and cultures made me see a lot deeper into arts, embracing the artist in me stronger and asking to go along and see more.

So here I have, set fourth on a journey, to realize the depths of my talents.

  • Work
    • Salt Mango Tree
  • Education
    • Sree Vidhyadhiraja Vidhya Bhavan
    • st.ignatius v.h.s.s. Kanjiramattom
    • Fr.G.K.M.H.S Kaniyaram
    • St.Alberts College
    • St. Albert's College, Ernakulam