Jukka Järvinen

Jukka Järvinen

"Nothing is never ready"

"Improve everything"

"never give up"

These are my life slogans. I see world through technology and passion. But also through love.

It gives me great pleasure and satisfaction to see new ideas in action which improve quality of life. We can end poverty, hunger and wars with utilizing EXISTING (!) technology in a right way.

I think the analogy of driving fast and looking too close ahead on the road is in place for human race. We drive all over and hit on every bump on the road. We need to focus our sight much further on the road. I try to keep reminding people about this. You should not fight for a imaginary border on the map or for some 'scarce' resource. Just look up to the stars and you see there's plenty of room for everyone. Even gold chunks size of a small planet. Go. Get it!

I've found my role as a starter. I try to bring people together and push ideas to actions. Technology is in the center but is just enabling part of loving human interaction. We, people, get things done. We either install automatic solar irrigation or pull a trigger. It's us who decide if we do good or bad.