Akmal H

Hi, I'm Akmal H. I don't consider myself a genius nor a very good and sensible thinker. But I do have opinions, through my life experiences and of people's different perspectives. Since a child, I have many but one big dream for the world and humankind. That is, to have humans living together regardless of races and religions with mutual understandings, respect, being considerate to one another, guilty conscience and sincerity. Exactly, this has been worked on by global leaders and has been a subject that's promised them votes during elections and great positions. But look what have their proud campaigns brought? Changes may be seen on the surface, but the mindsets of the society isn't brought to the right track yet. The changes are made practically just because it's something done by the government, not because of the self-awareness by the society. Normally, the worst problems are the smallest ones that occur as a norm in the society, which we realize its existence but simply don't give a damn on them. Instead, we complain on big problems which practically came from one thing, which is the mindsets of people. Soon I came out with my own conclusions towards daily lives in the society and got interested into philosophy. All I want is to do my part for myself and humankind, and to finally have humans living together practically without having races and religions as subjects to be considered upon. Nevertheless, I'd love to seek experience and to keep learning in the journey of my life. Do follow me on my Tumblr, http://iflirtwdeath.tumblr.com/ :) There, it shows a livelier side of me and to share my interest in music. Cheers!