Akmal Zaki

Student in Malaysia

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Hi! My name is Siti Akmal Binti Ahmad Zaki and you can call me Amal for short. Basically, I am a full time students taking Bachelor of Science with Honor Major in Mathematics in Universiti Putra Malaysia.


I am a very happy go lucky person. I love to laugh a lot but when it comes to study or works I will become a very serious person. There are some people who thinks I'm an arrogant but I'm the opposite. There were some quotes that said "Don't judge the book by its cover". So do I. I was friendly with the person I'm comfortable. I like to go for a window shopping and food hunting a lot because it could reduce my stress whenever the exam comes. Well I think its typical for students nowadays. >-<


The most very important thing to me is my family for sure. They are my passion to survive in this world.

Besides that, my education is also important. I wanna have a happy life with a good job in the future and good friends around me. I really appreciate those who stays by my side through thick and thin. I love all of you.


Well, honestly I am a normal person who did a mistake and for sure I am not a perfect person. I am very thankful if someone could tell me if I'm doing a mistake so that I can change myself to be a better person. Lastly, I really appreciate those who support me for everything I do. ^^