Kriss Morton

Ester, Alaska

I am many things... a mother of five, a cabin dwelling hippie girl, a writer, a photographer, a lover of all things literary, a gamer, a partner, a sister, a daughter...

I live in Alaska in a very small cabin lost in the woods. I maintain a successful book blog, Cabin Goddess which incorporates the love of two of my favorite things, food and books. I also share my photography and all things electic and fun about Alaska. Eary fall of 2012 I launched myself as a full-time publicist on a freelance basis and by December 2012 and by 2013 am working with a partner to make the magic happen with Author Image Management: The Finishing Faeries,

I have the super power to cook gourmet meals in one pan, a magic spoon to serve it with, and George the Mutant polar bear to lick them clean!

  • Work
    • Graphic & Web Designer
  • Education
    • English Lit, Women's Studies, New Media Journalism