Alexander Aknaev

Student in Rotterdam, Nederland

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My name is Alexander Aknaev, I am a student currently living in Rotterdam, Nederland. I am studying IBL (international business and languages) at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. My interests range from food to fitness. I am also interested in swimming, gaming, and sports.

I have done internships in Spain as an animator and I am currently working their every summer to increase my languages. While working there I meet many different people with their cultures and background increasing my knowledge of different cultures.

Every year the team changes so I learn to work with different people and to become a good team player. As an animator you have to be flexible and stress resistant because the planning’s always change and the activities and shows can always change so you have to improvise. Because you have to stand on the stage a lot of times or before a group. I have improved my presentation skills in many ways.

During the year I play water polo in a team and I give water polo classes to children around the age of 10. With this I can increase my way of teaching and being a team player.

Besides sports I also play games, with this I improve my languages skills because I play with international people. Also my writing skill on the computer are fast because I can blind type.

With my language skills combined with my technical skills and experience on the work floor. I could distinguish myself from others or if needed blend in to optimize the team. With this I think I would be a suitable candidate in an international company.