Amanda Koleckar

Austin, Texas

On paper I am a student at the University of Texas double majoring in Theatre & Dance (with a split focus in directing and sound design) and Radio/Television/Film (with a focus in film directing). That's a lot of words to say that I aim to be a creator of stories.

THEATER is a passion of mine that has stemmed all the way from my first experiences in grade school. Since attending UT I have worked on shows as an actor, sound designer, assistant director and director. FILM similarly is an area that I have been drawn to as long as I've watched movies. Directing in particular is an area of entertainment that I particularly feel passionate about. I love working on anything that has solid, fun characters and finding out what makes their relationships work. My aim for the future is to become a film director that is able to bring the magic and intense drive of theater to the big screen.

PHOTOGRAPHY came initially as a by-product in my pursuit of film experience. The summer of 2011 I got a job as a videographer at Pine Cove Summer Camps, where I learned lessons in cinematography, lighting, sound recording, directing. and editing. They also unexpectedly gave me my first experiences in photography. The next summer I went back as a photographer and loved every minute of it. Shout out to Pine Cove Media, Snoop, Xcalibur, Props, Kat Kong, ISO Pro, and Odie for being huge influences in these areas. Since then I've done a good bit of work doing head shots, but capturing bigger moments is really where my heart is.

View my portfolio here: MINT PICTURES

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